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Join us as we showcase how colleges, institutions, polytechnics and cégeps can lead the resilient recovery and support a climate-ready Canada. 

Past Webinars

Mohawk College

Rebuild: Supporting the Transformation to Zero Carbon Buildings

Canada’s buildings are a leading contributor to climate change. To meet our climate goals, nearly every existing building in Canada will have to undergo retrofits to reduce carbon emissions, and new buildings will need to be extremely energy efficient. Join Mohawk College to learn about how we can train our workforce to build better and support tremendous growth in construction, skilled trades and engineering.

Seneca College

Hollywood North 2.0: How Digital Transformation has Canada Poised to Take Centre Stage

The film industry in Canada is growing, adding thousands of jobs and opening new opportunities for Canadian businesses. Hear about how Seneca is working with industry partners, such as The Stratagem Group and BIPOC TV and Film, to help make the film and television industry more sustainable and support a more inclusive workforce.

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