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Red River College Polytechnic

Red River College Polytechnic launches New Information Technology (IT) Program for Indigenous Students as a part of RBC Foundation Gift

Support from RBC creates a new pathway to a career in IT for Indigenous students while expanding mentorship and hands-on learning for students in business and IT programs at RRC Polytech

Winnipeg, Manitoba on Treaty No. 1 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis Nation – Today, Indigenous leaners interested in pursuing a career in Manitoba’s IT sector will have access to a new Information Technology program offered at RRC Polytech as the result thanks to a $450,000 gift from RBC. This most recent gift alongside funding for other programs and platforms that connect diverse students to their ideas, potential, and one another, make for a million-dollar friendship.

« When community partners like RBC connect with RRC Polytech to create globally needed program, we’re ready to answer the call, » said Fred Meier, President and CEO, RRC Polytech. « This new pathway program is designed to equip Indigenous Manitobans with the skills and support required to transition into selected programs at RRC Polytech. With the move to remote and hybrid work and heavy reliance on technology, the world of IT Operations is growing everyday and RRC Polytech’s students are in high demand. »

RBC has been a longstanding partner of RRC Polytech and today both organizations are celebrating over $1M in support. These gifts have provided mentorship and internship opportunities for students through Ten Thousand Coffees and Riipen, sponsored the Directions Conference as well as the Reaction by Collision series, where today’s announcement is being made and today will launch the Pathway to Information Technology programs.

We at RBC are delighted to support the new Indigenous Pathway Program to IT Operations with this gift. Representation in industry, access to education, and tapping into the incredible talents of Indigenous people matter to all of us. We are so proud to further deepen our longtime friendship with RRC Polytech while helping give space to new and innovative ideas in areas of information technology.

Pathways are exploratory and preparatory programs that provide Indigenous Manitobans with the skills and supports required to transition into selected RRC programs by increasing their academic, personal, social and financial readiness.

This is the fourth Pathway program added to RRC Polytech, showcasing the success of this model and the demand for these types of programs that increase opportunities for Indigenous students in various sectors. Pathway to Information Technology will prepare and empower students to participate in IT Operations, Information Security and Business Information Technology.

When students have selected a career path and are ready to transition into a RRC program, Pathways offer the added benefit of dedicated seats for Indigenous students, in an effort to remove the barrier of long program wait lists.

Adrienne Madden

Adrienne Madden

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