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Canada’s Green Revolution: C2R2 Takes the Lead in the Post Pandemic Era

In the aftermath of the far-reaching economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada stands at the brink of a transformative post-pandemic recovery. Amid unparalleled job losses across numerous sectors, the ongoing climate crisis, and increasing socio-economic inequality, a resilient and sustainable long-term economic transition will mean training a workforce poised to take on these urgent […]

Boosting Canadians’ employability for the clean economy

As careers continue to evolve in step with our emerging green economy, Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) is providing valuable opportunities for workers to future-proof their job skills, and for businesses to meet the changing labour needs. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 29 per cent of jobs in this country will […]

Colleges and Institutes Canada

Canada’s most popular internship program sets young people up for success

Finding a job is no easy feat, especially in today’s labour market. Employers need young people with skills to adapt to new technologies and new ways of doing business, while also addressing global challenges like climate change and inequality. Career Launcher can help.  In fact, since 2015 Career Launcher has helped over 2,100 young people gain […]

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Federal investment spurs innovation in Alberta’s construction industry

Minister Vandal made the announcement of over $3.5 million in federal funding in a visit to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). This investment will help small- and medium-sized firms innovating in clean energy technologies and remotely controlled aerial vehicle applications. March 16, 2022 – Calgary, Alberta – Prairies Economic Development Canada Alberta businesses are […]

Mohawk College

Better Homes Hamilton: accessing energy-efficiency retrofits to be made easier for Hamilton homeowners

The Better Homes Hamilton Pilot Program will soon assist up to 50 homeowners across Hamilton, Ontario in starting their home energy retrofit journey! The program will provide both financing and coaching services to complete a select list of energy-efficiency measures aimed at increasing home efficiency and comfort while decreasing emissions associated with residential heating and […]

Student Energy

The Energy Transition Skills Project is Out!

Student Energy has recently launched a report on insights from the Energy Transition Skills Project! In 2022, Student Energy launched the Energy Transition Skills Project, in partnership with Orsted, to learn what young people are looking for in a job and what barriers they face to employment in the energy transition. This newly launched report […]

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Neurodiverse Student Finds Personal Growth and Career Success in Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Instrumentation Engineering Technology Program

Thomas Griffin Owens (they/them), who goes by their middle name, embodies the idea that there really is more than one way of thinking and being in the world. And with passion and support, that can be okay—in fact, it can turn out to be more than okay. With their Instrumentation Engineering Technology diploma completed, the young graduate […]

Algonquin College

Embedding Indigenous Curriculum Leading to Meaningful and Significant Change at Algonquin College

Last fall, Shelia Grantham and Kerry Potts began working as Indigenous Pedagogy and Curriculum Consultants at Algonquin College in the Learning and Teaching Services (LTS) department in Ottawa, Ontario. The goal of LTS is to foster a culture of teaching innovation and excellence and build relationships with faculty, academic schools and Applied Research that support […]

Red River College

Quick Train Canada: Reconciliation Through Fully-Funded Accelerated Training

Quick Train Canada is a collaborative project between the Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) and 14 colleges, cégeps, polytechnics and institutions. With funding from the Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program (SWSP), the project launched in February 2023 to help equip Canadian workers with the necessary skills to lead the shift to a green economy. […]

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