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Supporting Organizations

The following organizations are supporting Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery through industry advisement and expertise

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is the voice of Canada’s publicly-supported colleges, institutes, cegeps and polytechnics, and an international leader in education for employment with ongoing programs in over 25 countries. CICan’s members add over $190B to Canada’s economy each year and contribute to inclusive economic growth by working with industry and community partners to offer more than 10,000 programs to learners in urban, rural, remote, and northern communities. 

CICan and Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) have formed a special affiliation with a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and resilient recovery. C2R2 is a coalition of 15 CICan members who have come together to spearhead initiatives for training, applied research and demonstration sites to drive skills development for the green economy.  Through shared membership and collaboration, CICan and C2R2 can jointly promote and position the sector as key players in Canada’s resilient economic recovery that will benefit all.  

Polytechnics Canada is the voice of leading research-intensive, publicly funded polytechnics, colleges and institutes of technology. Our mission is policy advocacy for federal action related to innovation and skills.

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) builds bridges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, businesses, and communities through diverse programming, providing tools, training, network building, major business awards, and national events

The Canada Green Building Council is a not-for-profit, national organization that has been working since 2002 to advance green building and sustainable community development practices in Canada. 

The Canadian Renewable Energy Association is the voice for wind energy, solar energy and energy storage solutions that will power Canada’s energy future. 

Electricity Canada is the national voice for safe, secure, and sustainable electricity for all Canadians, and provides its members with value-added products and services to advance the strategic interests of Canada’s electricity industry.

The Canada Cleantech Alliance breaks down barriers to clean technology acceleration for Canada's elite clean technology networks. Canada has the opportunity to be a true global leader. Canada Cleantech Alliance can create good jobs for Canadians and achieve our climate goals. 

Dunsky Energy Consulting supports leading governments, utilities, firms and non-profits in their efforts to build a sustainable energy future. With focus on the demand side of the equation: deploying energy efficiency and other demand-side energy resources in buildings, accelerating the deployment of renewable energy and storage technologies, and transforming mobility through electrification, alternative fuels and new transportation solutions.

ECO Canada acts as the steward for the Canadian environmental workforce across all industries. From job creation and wage funding, to training and labour market research, ECO Canada champions the end-to-end career of all environmental professionals.

Efficiency Canada is the national voice for an energy efficient economy. They envision a future where Canada uses energy efficiency to its fullest potential. This means maximizing the benefits of energy efficiency resulting in a sustainable environment, a productive economy, and a just and equitable society.

Forest Products Association of Canada provides a voice for Canada’s wood, pulp and paper producers nationally and internationally in government, trade, and environmental affairs. Canada’s forest products industry is a $73.6 billion dollar a year industry that represents 2% of Canada’s GDP. Canada’s forest industry operates in more than 600 forest-dependent communities from coast to coast, and directly employs 230,000 Canadians across the country.

Student Energy is a global youth-led organization empowering young people to accelerate an equitable, sustainable energy transition through a variety of initiatives, including collegebased Chapters, a digital Energy System Map, and the largest student-led energy conference in the world.

Synchronex is a network of college centers for the transfer of technologies and innovative social practices. Synchronex fosters the development and influence of its members in order to contribute to the economic and social development of all regions of Quebec, as well as that of college research.

Tech-Access Canada is a non-profit organization that supports the pan-Canadian network of 60 Technology Access Centres (TACs)—leaders in college applied research and developing new innovative products and solutions using technology.

CNETE carries out applied research, technical support, training and information activities geared towards developing and improving environmentally friendly processes and products, using bioprocesses, membrane technologies, and environmental chemistry while fostering spin-offs for college training.

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