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About Us

Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery

A pan-Canadian colleges initiative to bridge the skills gap for a resilient recovery

C2R2 is a coalition of 15 colleges, cégeps, and polytechnics from across Canada with the proven ability to make an immediate impact and lead in training deployment and applied research that supports energy security and sustainability.  

C2R2 is a truly Canadian coalition. With members and engaged institutions in all regions of Canada, C2R2’s network reaches from coast to coast to coast. For further profiles of each member or engaged institution, visit the C2R2 Partners Page.

Benefits of C2R2

Powerful Model

From late 2022 to early 2024, C2R2 received and delivered upon $49.5M in funding. C2R2 has proven its strength and ability to reach a national audience and make a meaningful impact. The action of the coalition also attracted complementary investments from private funders. 

An Engaged Membership

With Mohawk College serving as the Coordinating Secretariat for the coalition, numerous mechanisms have been built, implemented and refined to ensure quick and accurate engagement with other members. Our curriculum inventory, reporting processes, financial structure and recent experience enable the opportunity for immediate impact and reduced administrative work. 

A Strong Track Record of Collaboration

With postsecondary institution partners in almost every province and territory in Canada and the coalition operating since 2020, strong bonds and deep trust have been forged. These relationships between institutions act as the nexus of industry, community partners and employer connections across Canada, unlocking potential collaboration and expertise alignment. 

National Yet Nimble

As accrediting institutions, C2R2 partners can utilize microcredentials, industry training and other pedagogical techniques to keep training relevant and share that insight nationally. 

C2R2 Projects

Quick Train Canada

Launched in 2023, Quick Train Canada is a skills training program that allows Canadian workers to upskill in weeks, not years. In its first year, the program saw the upskilling of over 10,000 learners across high-demand sectors. Quick Train opened the door for the development of national curricula with pan-Canadian impact and the licensing of curricula across institutions. C2R2 is dedicated to expanding its impact, developing a national training network to help industrial, skilled, and trade workers across sectors upgrade or gain new skills related to energy security and sustainability.

Resilient Housing and Upskilling for Canada’s Communities

C2R2 launched Resilient Housing and Upskilling for Canada’s Communities in 2023, during which housing construction courses were co-developed with the leadership and advisement of Indigenous communities, training workers in Indigenous and rural communities across three provinces. C2R2 will continue to advance its commitment to recognizing the importance of inclusive opportunities, support equity and offering ongoing actions to truth and reconciliation efforts with First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. 

Wawanesa Climate Champions: Youth Innovation Grant

In 2024, C2R2 launched the inaugural Wawanesa Climate Champions: Youth Innovation Grant in partnership with Wawanesa Insurance. The grant funded five youth-led climate-focused projects with each recipient receiving $30,000 to support their project development and execution over one year. The coalition is committed to continue collaborating with businesses, industry sector associations and government agencies to support innovation and research projects that train the workforce and align with the technologies of the future.

C2R2’s administration and secretariat are located in Hamilton, Ontario, at Mohawk College.
Quick Train Canada is a learning platform powered by C2R2.

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