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Holland College sustainability projects span Prince Edward Island

Both our indoor and outdoor spaces affect the learning blueprint and our environmental footprint. We commit to improving our learning spaces while reducing our impact. ~ Shaping Futures, Holland College’s strategic plan.

Holland College has more than 900,000 square feet in structures ranging in age from over 90 to just a few of years old in nine campuses and centres across Prince Edward Island. The challenge of maintaining all the buildings was staggering, and deferred maintenance was beginning to take its toll.

A decade ago, the college undertook two ambitious projects: the construction of the Centre for Applied Sciences and Technology (CAST) and the establishment of the Summerside Waterfront Campus. Each project was unique. CAST is a world-recognized Green Globes building, one of only a few in North America. The Summerside Waterfront Campus was a massive renovation project that transformed an aging shopping mall into a building which houses most of the college’s Industrial Trades and Technology programs, the Adult Education programs for that region of the province, and full-time programs in computer studies and health.

Since the completion of those projects, and with motivation from the goals outlined in a new strategic plan, Holland College has embarked on approximately $15 million in renovations and improvements.

With a focus on each of the buildings’ mechanical systems, building envelope, roof replacement, interior finishes, and electrical systems, the college has:

  • Laid over 22,000 square feet of porcelain flooring in the Georgetown Centre and Atlantic Police Academy, and in buildings on the Summerside Waterfront Campus and the Prince of Wales Campus. The replacement of vinyl flooring with porcelain tiles means that the college was able to eliminate the use of hundreds of gallons of harsh chemical strippers.
  • Replaced approximately 4,000 high-energy consumption lighting fixtures with LED fixtures, lowering electrical consumption by over 60 per cent.
  • Upgraded numerous sticking heating valves and controls to correct overheating issues in some classrooms.
  • Repaired damage caused by masonry, foundation, and window problems.
  • Replaced roofs on campuses and centres across the province.
  • Replaced HVAC systems that were well past their life expectancy.
  • Installed low flow toilets and renovated washrooms in older buildings to conserve water and create gender neutral facilities.
  • Installed energy efficient heat pumps.
  • Installed EV chargers in locations across the province.
  • Designated several parking spaces as carpool spaces.
  • Conducted an energy audit in the Charlottetown Centre, which, at almost 90 years old, is the college’s oldest building and houses many of its approximately 65 programs, as well as a library, performance hall, and several lecture theatres.

This year, the college will undergo a carbon audit, which will help shape future sustainability projects in Holland College locations across Prince Edward Island.

Adrienne Madden

Adrienne Madden

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