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From firefighters to respiratory therapists, Algonquin College is training learners for the green economy

Rising yearly temperatures, regular occurrences of wildfires and progressively warmer waters are just some of the many reasons we all must do our part in the fight for a healthier, happier planet.  

Algonquin College has joined millions of organizations globally in embracing sustainability as a strategy that drives better business performance, innovation, new employment opportunities, greater social equity and a healthier planet.  

In 2013, Algonquin College launched a Sustainability Strategy Framework guided by the S-E-E model which would incorporate the three pillars of sustainability, social, economic and environmental. The framework shaped many of the College’s practices and decisions related to College affairs and curriculum over the years, including LEED certification for new buildings, introduction of environmentally focused programs and effective implementation of energy saving measures.

Now, almost ten years later, this framework continues to guide Algonquin College’s earth friendly efforts. But the prevailing realities of climate change only grow harsher with each passing year, signaling the need for a renewed commitment to sustainability, climate action and environmentalism.  

While it’s common to think of sustainability as a matter of environmental initiatives, meeting present and future human needs involves a much larger spectrum of considerations. Algonquin College’s approach to sustainability equally weighs economic and social considerations against environmental ones.

Algonquin College offers a wide range of programs that teach skills essential to navigating and mitigating new challenges brought on by climate change. From firefighters to green architects, the College prepares learners for their stewardship in what will be a critical path forward. Not only will firefighters need to adapt to an increase in extreme weather incidents, but so will nurses, respiratory therapists, wastewater technicians, and many others.

Algonquin College’s Pre-service Firefighter and Education Training Program offers learners a hands-on opportunity to acquire crucial firefighter competencies and skills. Shaping graduates into capable and dynamic individuals prepared to confidently manage and mitigate the unfortunate fallout of extreme weather.

Algonquin College’s renewed commitment to sustainability focuses on providing a post-secondary education that shapes learners into global citizens capable of creating a better future for all.

Adrienne Madden

Adrienne Madden

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