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ECO Canada

NIAC Members’ Research Highlights Best Practices in Forest Preservation and Workforce Development

Every year on May 22, the United Nations (UN) observes The International Day for Biological Diversity to highlight innovative solutions to the biodiversity crisis. This year’s theme is centered on the actions to build back biodiversity with the adoption of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework at COP 15. The framework highlights four goals along with […]

Seneca College

Building Campuses that Promote Biodiversity

Home to over 213 public higher education institutions, Canada is recognized as a global contributor to quality research, education and training. The extent of Canadian post-secondary institutions’ leadership does not stop at research and education, however. Canadian institutions are trailblazers in the shift toward more nature-conscious developments in the education and research they disseminate as […]

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Earth Day: Celebrating C2R2 Members’ Efforts to Going Green

The Canadian College for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) is working with many institutions across the country that are committed to adopting more green practices to support Canada in reaching its goal of net zero. Across the campuses of our 14 partner institutions, everyone is working hard to adopt waste-conscious policies, create safe habitats, incorporate sustainable […]

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

C2R2 Coalition Members Ranked Top 50 for Research in Canada

This year began on a high note for many Canadian colleges as multiple institutions were recognized for their innovation in research on Research Infosource Inc.’s list of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges for 2022. The list recognizes colleges that have fulfilled extraordinary achievements in both research income and research published in scientific journals throughout the […]

British Columbia Institute of Technology

BCIT Launches Season 2 of Fireweed Podcast

The British Columbia Institute of Technology’s acclaimed podcast Fireweed returns – with a special focus on adaptability and resilience. In episode 1 Host Bianca Rego learns about regenerative travel — the movement that encourages travelers to leave their destination better than it was before. She talks to two Davids — BCIT instructor David Tikkanen and […]

Nova Scotia Community College

NSCC is using data to reduce energy poverty

The Town of Bridgewater has made a name for itself as a community that is going above and beyond to tackle climate change and affordable housing challenges. Continuously thinking outside of the box, Bridgewater’s investments in green business ideas and research have attracted entrepreneurs and innovators with similar ambitions to work in this thriving Nova […]

Nova Scotia Community College

NSCC research predicts storm surge flooding and erosion

Image: Aerial imagery of the Northumberland Shore coastline. The left image was taken before Hurricane Fiona, the right after. Coastal flooding and erosion in Atlantic Canada have always been a concern but never more so than now as climate change is impacting the region more frequently and intensely than ever before. Nova Scotia Community College’s […]

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Capture the heat: Thermal batteries promise efficiency, reliability

Imagine getting into the shower, expecting a nice hot stream of water and it’s cold as glacier runoff. With traditional hot water tanks and multiple people living in one house, that’s a familiar reality. But Tyler Willson and his research team at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) imagine a future where hot water […]

Algonquin College

From firefighters to respiratory therapists, Algonquin College is training learners for the green economy

Rising yearly temperatures, regular occurrences of wildfires and progressively warmer waters are just some of the many reasons we all must do our part in the fight for a healthier, happier planet. Algonquin College has joined millions of organizations globally in embracing sustainability as a strategy that drives better business performance, innovation, new employment opportunities, […]

Seneca College

C2R2’s Seneca, along with Centennial and Fanshawe, partner with government and industry to fill skills gap in Ontario’s screen sector

Three postsecondary institutions are working with industry partners to address the skills shortage in Ontario’s screen-based industries. Centennial College, Fanshawe and Seneca have collaborated to develop a suite of eight microcredentials designed to help industry professionals upskill and current students who are content creators learn additional in-demand production and technology skills. With film and television […]

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